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lunasmiles.jpgWelcome to Modern Oracle’s sacred space of inspiration, mysticism and rawness. I am Paula Estrada, a Professional Psychic Advisor & Energy Healer: Specializing in Readings, Healing and Soul Integration. As a daughter of the earth and moon, rituals and honoring the sacred runs deep through my veins, blood and bones. I was inspired to cultivate a heart-centered spiritual practice through conscious vulnerability, authenticity and sacred living.

I enjoy working one on one with clients, as well as, guiding workshops, meditations and journey experiences. I consider it an honor to bare witness to my clients’ experience, as they unfold, grow and step into their personal power. I chose the path of healer to share knowledge acquired from my own personal transformation. I believe sharing what we love is an amazing opportunity for us to cultivate community.

With deep gratitude, I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

In Sacredness,


Mission Statement

Paula’s mission is to serve as a guide on her clients’ journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation. Paula will create a safe, relaxing, protected, empowering environment (energetic/physical) where her clients can explore their Inner Wisdom and Authenticity. Paula believes in co-creating a process, with her clients, to achieve freedom from negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Paula is here to facilitate a shift in consciousness to the essence  of who her clients truly are: a divine being connected to the authentic power that dwells within.

“I am here as a guide to empower clients through their healing process. Simply by releasing, reframing, healing memories and self-forgiveness, a balanced energy field can shift consciousness into wholeness. By teaching ancient healing techniques of Sacred Ways, clients discover, integrate, and learn to work with the techniques of healing by calling forth the deep Sacredness of Self and Source. ” – Paula


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